Hongyi Li

I am a PhD student in the University of Macau, supervised by Prof Hongcai Zhang and Prof Yonghua Song. As a participant of UM-Imperial College London 1+3 PhD program, I am currently studying at Imperial as an MSc student. At Imperial, I work closely with Dr Papadaskalopoulos Dimitrios. My research interest includes smart grid technologies, consensus-based coordination and distributed optimization.


We won the first prize in “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Extra-Curricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition, Nov. 2019, BUAA. From left to right: Jiarui HAO, Yubin HUANG, Wenli XU, Hongyi LI, Lei ZHOU, Jinyu WEN, Qing CHEN, Jun LUO, Haonan LEI, Buyang DU.

I was studying in C12.

Me with Yue HU and Jiaqi WANG. They taught me a lot when I was in the SEEE Student Union.

When I was a freshman in HUST.